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Can I drag email from Outlook to SharePoint?

Yes, the tool supports dragging emails (and/or attachments) from Outlook to SharePoint on Chrome and Edge. There is no intermediate copy step necessary. Email metadata is automatically extracted and captured into SharePoint columns. It is also possible to set custom metadata.

Can I migrate large document volumes?

Yes, the tool supports migration of data sets of 10’s of GB’s.

Can I migrate permissions?

No, SLIM Companion Explorer does not migrate permissions.

Does the tool support custom metadata?

Yes, the tool supports custom metadata and Content Types. Extract properties stored in files (e.g. keywords in PDF file, GPS coordinates in jpg files, tags in Office files, …) or metadata about files (e.g. path, name, modification date, …) and capture them into SharePoint columns.

Which SharePoint / OneDrive for Business versions are supported?

The following versions are supported:
– SharePoint 2013
– SharePoint 2016
– SharePoint 2019
– SharePoint Online
– OneDrive for Business

Which browsers are supported?

SLIM Companion Explorer is supported with the latest versions of Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 11. Uploading complete folder structures is not supported with Internet Explorer 11.

Which SharePoint versions are supported?

BulkMetadataManager is currently supported with SharePoint Online. We will support on-premise SharePoint versions in coming releases. Please contact us via for further details.

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