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Effective content management using a browser

LL Navigator mimics Windows Explorer in a browser to improve your productivity using OpenText Content Server.

Upload documents or folders using drag and drop, copy or move content, extract email metadata and download folders.

Transform your browser into a powerful tool to upload, manage and extract content without installing any software (0% install).

LL Navigator is compatible with Livelink 9.7.x and Content Server 10.x and supports Chrome, Opera, FireFox and Internet Explorer 10/11.

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Successfully deployed across 5 continents and 30+ instances to provide a low cost, feature rich and easy to deploy solution
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LL Navigator's innovative capabilities

Easy uploading

Upload documents and folders using drag and drop. Set metadata and automatically extract email metadata such as To, From, Subject, ...

Manage Content

Copy and move content within your Content Server system using drag and drop. Preview emails in your browser.

Extract content

Download multiple files or complete folder structures

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Upload, manage and extract content

LL Navigator addresses important functionality gaps for Content Server 10.x and Livelink 9.7 by supporting folder uploads, support for metadata, automatic extraction of email metadata, copy/move through drag and drop and folder downloads. It provides an easy to use, fast and robust way to improve productivity for Content Server without installing any software.
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LL Navigator is a single page application (more) and consists of a single HTML file.

The tool is very easy to use because it mimics Windows Explorer in a browser. An important feature is that it extends the standard Content Server functionality: users can access standard Content Server functionality such as versions, audit data, etc.. from within the LL Navigator page.

Deploying the tool is easy: upload the single HTML file (240 kB) to Content Server. To launch the tool simply open the HTML file (or use an additional option in the Enterprise menu). There is no need to install software on the servers or the client computers.

LL Navigator in-depth

Navigate through your system using the Windows Explorer like tree. Upload documents or folders from your local system or file server using drag and drop. The selection pane shows the selected items to ensure the proper items have been selected.

Click “Upload” to start the uploading of the content. LL Navigator supports Content Server categories. In case there are categories with required attributes a window is shown where the user can enter the required metadata fields.

LL Navigator also enables copying / moving items within Content Server using drag and drop. Select the items that needs to be copied / moved and drag it to the target location.

Content Server supports downloading multiple documents but lacks support for downloading folders. LL Navigator provides functionality to download folders in order to extract content from Content Server in a simple, fast and robust way.

LL Navigator automatically extracts email metadata such as To, From, Subject, … from msg files and populates the email metadata fields in Content Server. The emails are uploaded as email objects (objtype 749). The extracted email metadata allows for powerful searches and sorting. In addition, emails can be previewed in the browser without opening the email in the local mail client. The preview also allows direct opening of email attachments.

LL Navigator Email Preview

The capability to extract metadata from emails and support for metadata enables organisations to use Content Server as an email archiving solution.

LL Navigator Email Metadata

LL Navigator provides part of the functionality offered by OpenText Enterprise Connect such as uploading folders, extract email metadata, … but the tool does not offer integration with Office (e.g. Word, Excel, Outlook, …). The key benefit of LL Navigator is that it does not require installation on the client computers.

The interface offered by LL Navigator allows users to create new items such as documents and folders, delete items and select multiple items. LL Navigator also supports the use of Favourites and “Last Location” to allow users to quickly access previously used locations in the Content Server hierarchy.

LL Navigator is an innovative tool to boost your productivity. It’s key features are:
– easy to use
– upload folders using drag and drop
– support for metadata
– extract email metadata
– copy/move content
– download folders
– easy to deploy without installing any software
– robust
– high performance

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In short: LL Navigator bridges key functionality gaps in Content Server and Livelink

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