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​​​​​​​SLIM Applications was founded in 2013 to deliver innovative solutions for Livelink (rebranded as Content Server) and SharePoint based on extensive experience with global companies.

The focus of SLIM Applications is to make customers successful by combining diverse IT disciplines such as state of the art browser technology, constrained networking conditions and complex server deployments to create light-weight browser-based solutions with unique capabilities.

​SLIM Companion Email Manager (SharePoint App) is a prime example. It extends the standard capabilities of SharePoint by allowing users to manage emails in SharePoint by automatically extracting metadata from uploaded emails and providing email previews (incl. attachments) in a browser. SharePoint documents can be directly attached to emails. 

​For further information please contact info@slimapplications.com​​ or visit the knowledge base (here​​).​

SLIM Applications uses the general Terms and Conditions of Nederland ICT, the association of Dutch IT Companies as filed at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands under number 30174840.​ You can download a copy of the terms and conditions here. The SLIM Applications privacy statement is available here​.