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​​​​​​The portfolio consists of the following products:

SLIM Companion Email Manager
This SharePoint Add-in accelerates and enriches SharePoint. It increases SharePoint adoption (e.g. archive emails in SharePoint), provides a powerful migration solution and increases productivity for users.


The key features are:
- Upload emails to SharePoint
- Automatically extract email metadata (To, From, ...) and fill SharePoint columns
- Set custom metadata (incl. managed metadata)​
- Preview emails (plus attachments) in a browser
- Directly attach SharePoint documents to an email
- Mail Links
- Copy Links

SLIM Companion Email Manager also supports c
ontent migrations:
- Upload complete folder structures with 10's of GB's of data
- Map source properties like modification date to SharePoint columns
- Flatten folder structures
- Cater for illegal characters, 0 kB files, blocked files and long names
- Support for 15 GB files on SharePoint Online (Office 365)
- Download complete folder structures (100's of MB's)

The Add-in provides excellent performance by using parallel processes and minimising network traffic. It is easy to deploy by using the SharePoint App mechanism and requires no client-side installs. Lastly, it is highly scaleable because it can be used by multiple users at the same time.

Try out SLIM Companion Email Manager​ (Office Store) or view the datasheet​.

SLIM Companion Migration Manager
This stand-alone tool combines the functionality provided by the SLIM Companion Email Manager Add-in with additional functionality into a single page application. Specifically it:
- Mimics SharePoint as Windows Explorer in a browser
- Provides content reporting​ (e.g. identify versions, checked-out documents, delete versions, ...)
- Keeps original modify date when uploading items to SharePoint


Deployment of the tool is as simple as uploading an HTML file to SharePoint using a browser. For further information download the datasheet (here) or request a trial (info@slimapplications.com).


SLIM DIYM is an innovative browser-based tool that enables users to migrate content from OpenText Livelink (or OpenText Content Server) to SharePoint using drag and drop. 

SLIM DIYM - Overview.GIF

It does not require any software installation or migration infrastructure. The tool supports migration of documents, folders, compound documents, projects, E-mail folders and emails. It caters for document sizes up to 1 GB and is optimised for performance by using parallel processes.​ SLIM DIYM works with multiple browsers such as Internet Explorer 10/11, Chrome, Opera and FireFox. For more details check out the datasheet or request a quotation.

LL Navigator
LL Navigator is a browser-based tool to access OpenText Livelink (or Content Server) in a user friendly and highly efficient way. The tool mimics Windows Explorer and allows users to upload complete folder structures from their desktop using drag and drop. LL Navigator supports metadata, document versioning and is optimised for performance by supporting parallel uploading of documents. Users can download multiple levels to their desktop using the innovative "Download & Zip" capability. E​mail metadata is automatically extracted from Outlook msg files and emails can be previewed in the browser. Click here​ for more details or request pricing information​.